Hello world!

Ladies and Gentlemen, straight from the Cretaceous, large and in charge – it’s Fluxosaurus. As the Therapod of thought, the grand scheme for this blog territory is to have a place to compile compendious creative outpourings, salacious wanderings of a curious mind, and the strange and bizarre interests of a creature in constant flux. The literary ejaculations of a sometimes analytical approach to the details and complexities of  Science, Skepticism, Astronomy, Philosophy, Human Psychology, Paleontology and sometimes a discussion about the vagaries of, and delectable morsels of Geek culture and Nerd nirvana.

This is the domain of Fluxosaurus, and all who enter be aware that here be Therapods! We are known to eat new changes, evolve through thinking, and deftly sidestep extinction by advancing and adapting to new ideas and new information.

If it interests me, if it annoys me, if it inspires me or tweaks my curiosity, it will go up here.

If you don’t like it, don’t agree, have a constructive point to make or a helpful suggestion leave a comment. I reserve the right to delete those comments deemed vacuous and offensive to the species (any species). If you don’t like that I deleted your comment, behave or I’ll use my sickle claw!


~ by Fluxosaurus on January 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Hey Mr. C____. Nice to see you’re blogging! 🙂 Keep at it man. We need more vocal SA skeptics…

  2. (Awesome intro, btw. Funny.)

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