The first convoluted creationist meal!

My good mate Skeptic Detective posted a piece about a misguided person spouting intelligent design and creationist arguments over at her blog, (on, of all things, her page detailing a list of logical fallacies – ah, the beauty of irony.) Here is the link:

Finally an opportunity to get my Fluxoasaurus teeth into a real live creationist, and as much as we both like creationists, I am sure Skeptic Detective cannot finish off a whole one by herself…

I will refrain from posting my comment here because you can read it on the link quite adequately.

What I do want to say here however, is that the examples and points made there in support of evolution by natural selection are by no means exhaustive.

After finishing, and currently re-reading (because it was that flippin’ awesome):

 Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters (Hardcover) by Donald R. Prothero (Author), Carl Buell (Illustrator)

Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters (Hardcover) by Donald R. Prothero (Author), Carl Buell (Illustrator)

I am in awe at what a great book this is, and reminded that there is so much evidence in favour of evolution, and evolution by natural selection that creationist counter points are clearly spurious.

Besides the genetic and molecular evidence, besides the fossil record, and accurate and informed interpretation of the vast fossil sequences that clearly show a sequence of bottom up collections of features (evolution by natural selection) rather than any form of top down, perfect design by a creator.

What a fine example of emotionally restrained, yet scientifically rigorous and devastatingly effective argument for not only Evolution but intellectual honesty and moral courage in the face of creationists who clearly want to deceive and distort science for their own evil ends. One can clearly hear Prothero’s frustration through the text, but he remains restrained in dealing with these misguided, and misguiding folk by refraining from resorting to their ad hominem tactics and instead focuses on the evidence.

I particularly enjoyed reading about how sequentially unbroken the line of evidence is in the microfossil sequences (radiolarians) and the synapsids (transitional form delineating lineage from primitive amniotes, to synapids and finally mammals).

The book also contains one of my favourite fossils – another post on that though.

My only regret is that I used the word convoluted in my comment on SD’s page…


convoluted (comparative more convoluted, superlative most convoluted)

more convoluted
most convoluted
  1. Having numerous overlapping coils or folds.
  2. Complex, intricate or complicated.
    He gave a convoluted explanation that amounted to little more than a weak excuse for his absence.

What I really wanted to say was that his argument was flawed, and spurious.

I think my point is clear however so the concern is one of me being a pedant rather than a fatal flaw in the work.

Until the next meal!


~ by Fluxosaurus on February 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “The first convoluted creationist meal!”

  1. Thanks for the plug! I’m glad you enjoyed the book! If you like, you might post something like this on the book’s Amazon site (not many new posts in the past few months….)

    • Dear Professor Prothero

      It was a pleasure to read and is truly a great book. I would be honoured to write something on the Amazon site.

      You can also thank Swoopy and Derek from for their interview with you – that is how I found out about the book.

      The fossil picture on pg.238 is one of my all time favourite pieces, truly amazing. With what you rightly say about the slim chances of fossilization, it is amazing that an actual biological process was “caught in the act”.

      I also really enjoyed the section on extinct Camels – fascinating!

      Thanks for your comment, and I will be looking out for more of your books.
      You can regard yourself as an honourary friend of Fluxosaurus.
      Always welcome on my blog.

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