immaculate conception

If anything will prick up my ears, it will be vaginas.

Hmmm, maybe that came out incorrectly!

At a recent Skeptics braai (barbecue for you Americans) the Skeptic Detective mentioned a fascinating story about a girl with no vagina who became pregnant after oral sex and a knife fight – perhaps it is better that you read the article and get the details:

Sometimes you just cannot make this stuff up!

In a crude sense, there was an analogue of the basic sexual act – sufficient forces were applied in an effective and efficient manner to sperm, said sperm was able to reach the surface of the egg, the egg was receptive and conception took place – kinda like going the long way round for Chinese food, as long as the end result is achieved, the path to acquire target is largely irrelevant.

That said, I would be fascinated to learn the exact route possible from the peritoneal cavity to the uterus – the uterus seems to be proximal to the cavity but it is not clear if it is within said cavity – I do not have sufficient anatomical knowledge to definitively answer this…

It may be impossible to use the usual internal human anatomy to propose a possible path seeing as the patient had some degree of unusual internal anatomy (aplastic distal vagina) so we do not know what other organ systems would be arranged in novel ways.

Comment 145 on the site adds awesome possible alternatives – the idea that she might have at least one functioning, undescended testicle being my favourite.

Bizarre anatomy, my new favourite tag.


~ by Fluxosaurus on March 2, 2010.

5 Responses to “immaculate conception”

  1. As far as ‘immaculate conception’ is concerned, it’s a common misconception that ‘immaculate conception’ is synonymous with virgin birth. In fact, the two are quite different, theologically speaking.

    Virgin birth is how Jesus was supposedly born of Mary: to a mother who (allegedly) was still a virgin.

    Mary herself was supposedly immaculately conceived, which means she was born without the burden of original sin. It’s not clear how that happened, but it’s a requirement for Mary to retain her status as a ‘perpetual virgin’.

    Of course only the virgin birth one is actually in the bible. Mary’s immaculate conception was just made up by the Christians centuries later, most likely as some sort of justification for turning her into a demigod so as to convert pagans more easily. It’s part of ‘Tradition’ as opposed to ‘Scripture’.

    So the stabby stabby lady’s baby wasn’t immaculately conceived (or rather, we can’t say whether it was or not based on whether or not it was conceived through sexual intercourse)… it was born of a virgin.

    As for the peritoneal cavity, I have it on good authority that the fallopian tubes are exposed to it: they just open right up into it.

  2. Very intersting, but I didn’t see anyone suggest parthenogenesis. There are cases in non-human animals of miracle birth but none confirmed in humans so far. Of course, blaming the stabbing could be nothing more than a cum hoc fallacy. šŸ˜‰

  3. Thanks for your comment Owen

    You are speaking to the right geek – hmmm, I did not know that – fascinating, and I think an important distinction. The problem in understanding this, and perhaps the impetus behind the process by which the misconception becomes so commonplace, is that the religious meme is quite a complicated construction – I had to read this a few times to “get it” – it’s this foreign concept of original sin (the immaculate conception thing) – for a while I read it that she was conceived without the act of “original sin”; a euphemism for throwing the salami down the stairs in my lexicon. I see now what you mean – you may listen to too many biblical scholar podcasts (how on earth do you stand it) but I certainly need to learn more to participate more fully in the religious debate forum.

  4. LOL James. I heard once that some girl told her father that she fell pregnant because she was having a bath with her bf and he ejaculating in the water. People will say (and believe) the craziest sh!t.

  5. Nice one James,

    Good pun as well!

    Thanks also for the automictic parthenogenesis link – fascinating!

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