It only seems natural for the male of any species to objectify and desire the female of that species – by Darwin’s beard it is a large part of the basis of the whole sexual reproduction thing and pretty difficult to imagine the beauty and complication around us having evolved without such a process.

So with the expectation of some possible minor degree of Feminist backlash about said objectification of the female, I felt it necessary to share some Geek porn (of sorts).

It is the thinking male who regards a woman of intelligence and beauty to be the most beguiling mix, and I will have to dedicate a much longer and much more dangerous post to what H. L. Mencken has to say about the female of the human species in his book In Defense of Women

All I can say is yummy!
(and perhaps, she can [and most certainly would] beat me at Chess any day)



~ by Fluxosaurus on April 15, 2010.

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  1. PIG!!!!!!!!

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