SITP JHB & ASSA Symposium 2010 Pretoria

Fluxosaurus has been a busy little Dinosaur. Recently I attended the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa Symposium held in Pretoria.

Not only did I get to attend the Symposium which featured two days of fascinating lectures over two days, but we were hosted by the Council for Geosciences, and enjoyed an awesome day trip to a Radio Telescope Observatory and a meteorite impact crater.

On top of all that, I flew up to Egoli the night before, and was warmly welcomed to the monthly meeting of the Johannesburg (Jhb) chapter of Skeptics in the Pub.

As the local organizer of the Durban chapter of this fine meet-up event designed to provide community and drinking opportunities to Skeptics, free thinkers, critical thinking proponents, intellectuals and nerds of all kinds, it was great to extend the boundaries of my geeky social circles and interact with some of the Jhb Skeptics.

After a good nights rest at the B&B, my buddy Pravin (who flew in that morning to make up the Durban contingent) picked me up and we made our way to the Symposium venue, which was at the nearby Council for Geoscience building.

Geosciences Entrance

After a warm reception, we registered and got our cool conference gear which included folios with pens and paper (for all the important notes we were to make) and made our way to the inner corridors of the Geoscience’s building for the first event of the day, a tour of the facilities. Luckily, I am almost as interested in Geology as Astronomy so this was a huge bonus for me.

Here are some pictures from the Jhb SITP, the tour of the Geological equipment and the Symposium – you can click on a gallery pic to get more info:


~ by Fluxosaurus on November 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “SITP JHB & ASSA Symposium 2010 Pretoria”

  1. Wow! looks like you had a cool trip Fluxo’ (Or hot trip, perhaps?) It’s the kind of thing that I would really enjoy. I am fascinated by all that geological and astrological sh*t. Have you ever visited the SALT scope at Sutherland? I did an article on the town last year for Country Life mag. and was shown around prior to the Galileo party.
    PS. Stay true to what you believe in (Right or wrong) it all helps for us to get a better understanding of who and where we are.

  2. Nice one! Appreciating the detailed post. Very cool event.

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