Scientific beauty of nature

XKCD Beauty

Recently, on a camping trip with some other Skeptics, we went for a walk in the forest.

It was so wonderful to be surrounded by nature, and I was adequately humbled and reminded that our experience of natural beauty is only enhanced by our growing understanding and scientific explication of the wonders around us…

Embedded in the grand elaborations of the vast machinery of evolution

Observing creatures, other animals like ourselves, with similar eyes, yet exquisitely different adaptations across a sea of diversity.

Entranced by the green of a leaf, doing its part in the processing of the energy from our nurturing star.

The caress of bouncing photons illuminating a world of movement, swirling between the twin beauties of pregnant storers of life

and indifferent harbingers of death.

Delicate expressions of an unconscious Universe, experimenting with innumerable forms and the current successes.

An interdependent web of life.

All flooded and revealed in a scream of sunlight and green

With daggers drawn

Life paints on a canvas of molecules and motions foward to the future of new permutations

and leaves marks of nature’s brush strokes for science to find

Crawling things, an entymologists dream

Fan fare welcomes the enraptured eye

Fragile yet strong, an expression of the purpose of form within randomness

My mind takes flight in the scientific beauty of nature.


~ by Fluxosaurus on March 31, 2011.

4 Responses to “Scientific beauty of nature”

  1. AAH! you see this and yet you believe it’s an accident! What a pity, but as long as it makes you happy, that’s cool!

    • No Mike; we don’t “believe” anything. We simply have no evidence that it was planned by an intelligence beyond our understanding, and even if we did, that intelligence would be beyond our understanding. Please try and grasp the difference.

    • and BTW, “As long as it makes you happy, that’s cool!” is EXACTLY how I feel about religious faith – as long as I’m not required to exhibit the same “belief”.

  2. I really don’t know when I have claimed that life is a cosmic accident. That’s like saying that babies are made by accident – I suspect that, like the natural process of reproduction, science will one day answer the question of the origin of life, and it is likely to be in the form of an evidence based model i.e. we would have some compelling evidence pointing us firmly in the direction of how and why life exists.

    So I must ask if you have any compelling evidence Mike, that life is not an accident, and if not accidental, how did it come about?

    I am quite happy to sit with the question unanswered, but simultaneously I find the search for an answer quite imperative. Seeing as it is one of those “big” questions I would require considerable proof before holding fast to a specific opinion.

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