Fluxosaurus at TAM 2011 Las Vegas Day 1

One super excited Dinosaur! Fluxosaurus has arrived in Vegas baby, and TAM is awesome even before it has begun. I met Greta Christina on the plane – that was pretty awesome, and she was super nice. Then I met another TAM’er at the airport and we shared a cab – my first cab ride in the States as well, which made it even more cool. I met some cool Skeptics from Norway – one guy has an almost unpronounceable name which has to use the Symbol character set for its representation – and then I got DJ Grothe’s autograph in my handy TAM booklet which is given at registration and comes with pages for autographs. It is at this moment that I am going to throw out my latest new phrase – conservation of awesomeness – because this place is like a monster cyclotron of Skepticism. I feel like I am at the nexus point, the event horizon if you will, of a giant black hole of critical thinking and cool Geek T-shirts. The place is crawling with Skeptics, and it is just pure awesomeness.

The flight here was super cool as well – new Virgin America plane with lumo, black lighting and a kick ass entertainment system. I watched BoingBoing channel while we flew into Vegas. After a relatively bumpy landing, I was into the airport – gambling machines coming at me from every direction like a herd of mad, mechanised Coelophysis.

The hotel is amazing, really jacked, my only complaint being the innescapable cigarette smoke in the main lobby, which also serves as the only venue for free wifi. Guess where I am writing this.

The TAM registration process was a little caotic and we stood for a while in a line to get our goodies – T-shirt, conference pass, badges, programmes – but it was no sweat as that made plenty of opportunity to chat with other Skeptics and scope out the celebs.

I saw some of the SGU crew in the hall on the way to dropping off my bags and had a slight fan boy moment. Perhaps I should’ve just waved and not screamed, but I am sure they get that all the time.

Well, I am off to my Drinking Skeptically at the pub here  – I’ll try and post reports on the proceedings as often as I can, inbetween cocktails and the pool of course.

Fluxosaurus – only South African (as far as I can tell) at TAM 2011.

Conservation of awesomeness!


~ by Fluxosaurus on July 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “Fluxosaurus at TAM 2011 Las Vegas Day 1”

  1. Awesome! Post pix!!

  2. Dear Fluxo, good to hear you are having a great time and rubbing shoulders with equally MPD’s. We mortals however, who appreciate the diversity of the human species, are constantly diverted by reality and simply cannot afford the time or energy to indulge in crank get-togethers.
    But have a ball.
    May the wors be with you.

    • Dear Mike,

      If your claim made anything beyond a broad, unsubstantiated, general statement bordering on the incoherent, I would have to address it.
      You can clarify if you like – beginning with:

      I appreciate that you read my blog, but please refrain from littering my comments section with vague bullshit. Make a specific claim – like you Skeptics are closed minded, or something that I can actually address. The point of comments is to engage in meaningful conversation about a relevant point in the post, not for passive-aggressive side-swiping couched in juvenile vernacular. And if you keep doing this, in future I just might have to use my sickle claw.

      You never know, ask a relevant, coherent question, make a specific claim – we both just might learn something.

      May reality be with you.

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