Beautiful speech by Eskil Pedersen after Norway massacre.

Eskil Pedersen

Eskil Pedersen

I am just so impressed with the response of the Norwegian people to the tragedy of the massacre in their country. I am especially impressed by Eskil Pedersen’s speech :

“There are many we have lost and are crying for. Many people we miss and are worried about. After the bomb attack on our ministries and the killings of Utøya, our country is changed forever. But it is us who decide what this change will look like. Every step we go after this change is shaping the future of Norway.

Hatred is an obvious emotion. The desire for revenge is a natural reaction. But we, Norway, will not hate and we will not seek revenge. We will stand together in sorrow, in hope and faith for what the youngsters on Utøya worked for- namely a better society.

He used his weapons, we will use your vote. Let the election this fall be a manifesto for our democracy.”

He took some of our most beautiful roses, but he can not stop the springtime.”

Eskil Pedersen


~ by Fluxosaurus on July 26, 2011.

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