Full Moon Astrophotography 10.10.11

Happy binary day (10.10.11) and…

Two days before full moon, I took this pic with a tripod, and a zoom lens – my first attempt at Astrophotography with the new camera.
I recently acquired a Canon D600 (it is labelled as a Rebel T3i because it was bought in the U.S.) and a 250mm IS Canon lens. The camera is awesome, and I await only my O-ring to attach the unit to my telescope.

The detail of the topography is marginally clear on the left of the image – so cool to be seeing hills and valleys on another solar system body, edge on, from approximately 405 486 km from the Earth.

Moon 10.10.11

This image taken at approximately 19h00 at Camelot, Hillcrest, Durban, South Africa.

Some detail from Wolfram-Alpha on Moon-Earth distances.

current distance from Earth | 405486 km\n63.57 R_(+)\naverage distance from Earth | 385000 km\n60.36 R_(+)\nlargest distance from orbit center | 405700 km\n63.61 R_(+)\nnearest distance from orbit center | 363100 km\n56.93 R_(+)\norbital period | 27.322 days


~ by Fluxosaurus on October 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “Full Moon Astrophotography 10.10.11”

  1. Pretty good but I still don’t see any aliens?

  2. Cool!

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